Raising Awareness

Our Beri Eco Club takes part in all activities to create mass awareness about the need to preserve our environment. On 5th February we took part in #WorldWetlandsRun. It created eagerness in our local community. 37 volunteers of our club took part in it. On 16th February, we organised a one day camp to make our students and our local community aware of the environmental dangers of plastic specially single use polythene. Students wrote a one act play themselves. They staged it in the centre of the village. Children and old alike took interest in it. We have uploaded the video for your reference. Sir Harry Waters told us to join this initiative Kids Against Plastic. Our students are enthusiatically engaged in such activities. I started this effort to make our school Single Use Plastic Free School way back in September 2017. Now we are making huge progress in this direction. We have also started a Saturday For Solution event to involve our students in finding solutions for the present day environmental issues. They are so eager and innovative to do their contribution.  We hope that we will be able to contribute to this great initiative of yours.

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