Raising awareness on the plastic pollution problem

Four of our children went to Primary Parliament, which was based around COP26. They were joined by children from 8 other schools. The aim of the day was to discuss factors which contribute to climate change and think of ways to become ‘greener’. The children then made ‘green machines,’  which were their inventions, to help reduce the speed of our climate changing. 

Our children worked collaboratively with children from other schools, creating a model of a fruit tree planting machine, and a road vacuum, which collects and sorts waste into recyclable, compost etc. At the end of the day, they presented their ideas to all the other children, adults and a local councillor.

Upon return to school, the children felt passionately about what they had learnt and engaged in. They put together a presentation for an assembly. They were so inspired, that they came up with many suggestions of changes we could make at home and at school. 

Conveniently, our next topic was ‘Where does our waste go?’ This would tie in perfectly to investigate our own waste and to find out more about plastic pollution specifically.

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