Campaign in action – letters written to the head teacher proposing changes to be made in school

Our year 5 children have been learning all about where our waste goes. After completing a waste audit of lunch in the classroom and in the dinner hall, the children were eager and inspired to make changes in school. As a result, in their English lessons they wrote letters to the head teacher proposing changes we could make in school to reduce plastic waste. 

Additionally, our 4 Eco-warriors had a meeting with the office manager, to propose the changes they had in mind. This meeting went exceptionally well, as Mr Mullahy was on board right away. Below is a photo attached of the meeting taking place and then pupils reporting back to their classes. 

The results are:

✅Biodegradable lunch containers for dinners in class (2 days a week)
✅Metal cutlery to be used instead of single use plastic cutlery when eating in the classroom
✅A vegan option on the menu
✅Reusable ice packs for first aid


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