waste audit in classroom when eating in the class and in the dinner hall when days children eat in the hall.

We have been busy in year 5 with our geography focus! In the next few weeks we are learning all about the waste we produce, where it goes and how it affects our planet.

To launch this topic, we did some investigating on how much waste we produce as a class. The children were asked to hold onto their waste from lunch time so that we could do a ‘waste audit.’

We sorted all our waste into groups of paper/cardboard, plastic,metal and food waste. We collated the information and created a class tally, followed by a life size bar graph. Finally, the children used this information to try and estimate how much waste we potentially produce as a whole school, on a daily basis.

There were some amazing discussions taking place!

Our Eco-warriors went to do a waste audit in the dinner hall too. Below are pictures of them, followed by a pie chart from their results. They also had some questions for the kitchen manager. We then used this information to make suggestions for changes to be made in our school. The children wrote letters to the headteacher with suggestions, and then met with the office manager to suggest changes to make.

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