Awards and prizes

“We can’t wait to celebrate your Plastic Clever successes with you!”
Amy and Ella

Let's celebrate your achievements

As a way of saying “Thank you!” for all of your hard work to become Plastic Clever, we send all of the schools that reach Plastic Clever School status, a celebratory goodie bag that contains:

Asset 1

A signed copy of our book, Be Plastic Clever as well as:

  • A posh certificate
  • A poster
  • A window sticker
  • A personal hand -written Thank You card. 

And anyone becoming Plastic Clever Status as part of the Plastic Clever Schools: Nottinghamshire Challenge will be automatically considered for a special award.

school award categories

Outstanding COmmitment

This school will have gone above and beyond in all aspects of the Plastic Clever challenge, dedicating time and energy into doing the best that they can to reduce their plastic usage and spread awareness in school.

We're looking for:
  • Bonus points received for extra submissions


  • Evidence of a school community that is aware of and taking action against plastic pollution

Outstanding creativity

The school that wins this award will have shown off their creativity throughout the levels of the challenge, from communication with the rest of the school to the effort gone into their Plastic Clever wall.

We're looking for:
  • A creative display of the Plastic Clever wall

  • Unique and engaging methods of presenting information to the rest of the school

Outstanding pupil voice

This award is celebrating the work that a primary school has done to prioritise and amplify the voices of young people in the school environment as part of the Plastic Clever process.

We're looking for:
  • Young people leading the Plastic Clever activities

  • Pupils highly involved in the Plastic Clever challenge across the whole school age range

Outstanding clean up

The Outstanding Clean Up award will be presented to the school that has made the greatest effort to clean up their school grounds, surrounding area and maybe even the wider community.

We're looking for:
  • Bonus points awarded for litter clean-ups


  • Litter data logged on the KAP app (information provided in teacher and student guides)

Not from NOtts

Outstanding commitment

This award will be received by a school not from Nottinghamshire - so any other school that has achieved Plastic Clever status by meeting the new criteria and demonstrated commitment and achievement above and beyond what was expected.


For the lead teacher / TA involved 
  • A box of sustainable beauty/kitchen products from LEO’s box
  • A package of bath and shower items from Heart and Soul by JP
  • A chocolate-making workshop experience +1
For the school
  • A cash prize
  • £100 of reusable food and beverage supplies
  • A visit and talk by Lord Vernon Coaker
  • A free workshop by The Speakers Trust

Council award categories

Leading local council

This award will be received by the Nottinghamshire district/council with the highest % of primary schools that have Plastic Clever status as part of the challenge.

The current leader and performance of all Nottinghamshire District and Borough councils can be seen on the Progress Map page.

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