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We Want to HELP make Gedling SCHOOLS PLastic Clever

As residents of Gedling, we want to help our local schools reduce their use of unnecessary single-use plastics.

FREE WORKSHOPS for schools

Any school in the Gedling area can take advantage of three workshop options we have designed to help schools work through the Plastic Clever journey. Because of the ‘Gedling Offer’, local schools can book these workshops for free.

A bit about the workshops
  • The workshops would be bespoke to your school and aim to help you achieve a level within the Plastic Clever School scheme.

  • Workshops are delivered by a trained teacher.

  • Where possible feature Amy and Ella, (the founders of the charity Kids Against Plastic and creators of Plastic Clever Schools)in person or via a video link.

  • Workshops are FREE to Gedling schools.

Workshop themes

Amazing celebration bundle

Any Gedling school that reaches Plastic Clever status before the 26th of May 2023 will receive the following celebration bundle:

The GEDLING OFFER Celebration Bundle:
  • A celebration certificate

  • A signed copy of Amy and Ella’s book, Be Plastic Clever 

  • A ‘We are a Plastic Clever School’ poster
A class set of U-fill refillable glue sticks!

Get in touch; book a workshop

Workshops are limited to Fridays, on a first-come, first-served basis… don’t miss out!

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