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So, you’ve registered already, yeah?


OK no problem.  Use the big REGISTER button on the right to open up the registration form.


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The Register button!

Registered but not received a confirmation email?

There are two main explanations for this:

1. We may not have confirmed your registration yet

We try and confirm registrations by the end of day, but sometimes this might not be possible. Please be assured we will confirm your registration as soon as we can, though.

2. Our emails may be going to your JUNK / SPAM folder

If you haven’t had an email from us before, there’s a good chance your email  program will filter our emails into your JUNK / SPAM folder. So, please do check this folder if you haven’t heard from us.

It would also be a good idea to change your settings to permanently prevent our emails from going to your SPAM folder. Please see below. 

How to stop emails from us going to your SPAM folder

Take a look at this article from How-To Geek


Logging IN, Setting your password and your profile page

OK, first, thanks for joining 👍

Now, to get started you need to Log in.

Go to the LOGIN option in the main menu.

If it’s your first time logging in, you should change your password using the Set Password option.


The next time you login, you should enter the email address you used when you joined / registered and the password you have chosen for your account.

On Login

When you’ve successfully logged in you’ll see the LOGIN link changes to MY SCHOOL.

Clicking on the MY SCHOOL link takes you to your PROFILE page. From your Profile page you can:

  • See your Avatar status (your avatar grows as you progress towards Plastic Clever School status.
  • Access the LEVEL RESOURCES designed to help you complete the  the Inspire, Investigate and Act levels.
  • See your current challenge status.
  • SUBMIT evidence to support level completion, or VIEW/EDIT evidence that have have already uploaded. NB. Once evidence has been reviewed and approved, it cannot be edited.







Need more help?

Take a look at our Help page.

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