plastic Clever SChools: nottinghamshire Challenge

About the challenge

Amy, one of the co-founders of Kids Against Plastic explains what the Plastic Clever Schools: Nottinghamshire Challenge is and why she hopes all schools in Nottinghamshire get involved.


The aim of the Challenge is to help support schools in Nottinghamshire to meet the Government’s 2022 plastic target and make the county a Plastic Clever Schools County. 

In 2018, Damian Hinds MP, the then Secretary of State for Education, challenged schools to eliminate non-essential plastics by 2022. Since then, very little has been done (by Government) to help schools reach this target, and there isn’t long until the target elapses. 

If the aim of the Plastic Clever Schools Challenge is achieved, a generation of school children across the districts of Nottinghamshire will have been involved in important education, awareness and action against single-use plastic pollution, leading the way for other counties across the UK to follow.

A legacy of the Challenge will be a ‘blueprint’, or model, for other counties to adopt and adapt during 2022.

WHat people are saying

the challenge timeline

Nottinghamshire schools can register onto the Challenge on July 7th (World Chocolate Day) onwards. The first 50 Nottinghamshire schools to register will get a handmade box of plastic clever chocolates hand delivered to the lead teacher by Amy.  They will also receive further information about the Challenge to help them get started ahead of September.

* Schools can register at any point after the launch on the 7th July.
Days until the Challenge begins!


There will be four main school awards, and an award for the local Borough / District council that has the highest percentage of Plastic Clever Schools.





Local Council


EVERY school that reaches Plastic Clever status by the end of the Challenge will win a Plastic Clever prize bundle and an invitation to a celebratory award event, but the four school award winners will receive an amazing set of prizes, as well as the Plastic Clever prize bundle. The Borough / District Council that has the most Plastic Clever schools by the end of the Challenge will also receive an award.

How to take part

All Nottinghamshire schools are encouraged to take part in the Challenge in September.

To take part, all schools have to do is register  using the form below.  Once registration has been completed, information about the Challenge will be communicated through the email used during registration.

* After submitting the registration form, please check your inbox (and SPAM folder) for the confirmation email.

Early Registrations

The first 50 primary / junior / infant/ schools in Nottinghamshire to register will receive a hand-delivered box of plastic-clever, vegan-friendly Belgian chocolates (made locally). After all, teachers love chocolates, right?

Councils that register will also receive some scrummy chocolates. How nice is that!



    Our supporters

    A special thank you to the for their help and support to make the  Plastic Clever Schools Challenge a reality.

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    Please carefully complete the form below to sign your school onto the Plastic Clever School Challenge.

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