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  • Access the LEVEL RESOURCES designed to help you complete the  the Inspire, Investigate and Act levels.

  • See your current challenge status.

  • SUBMIT evidence to support level completion, or VIEW/EDIT evidence that have have already uploaded. NB. Once evidence has been reviewed and approved, it cannot be edited.
The Basics:

Plastic Clever is a really simple concept – it basically means taking small steps to reduce single-use plastic usage in a way that is manageable for us all. Taking a leap to become completely plastic free sounds like an amazing idea in concept, but is often difficult and demoralising once you look at the amount of plastic you need to reduce.

Becoming a Plastic Clever School just requires your school to take the appropriate action needed to reduce your use of the two main single-use plastic items used in the school environment, which you’ll identify as part of the Plastic Clever programme. Simple, but effective, yeah?

Back in 2018, Damien Hinds MP (the then Education Secretary) set UK schools the challenge of “eliminating” their use of single-use plastics. Mr Hinds said that schools should in particular stop using items such as plastic straws, bags, bottles, and food packaging, and should “start a conversation” with pupils around the damage that plastic does to the environment.

However, since this target was set, the government have done little to help schools reach this target. So, we hope that the Plastic Clever Schools challenge will help schools to smash government targets before the target comes into play next year.

Find out more about the government target here.

The challenge:

The Plastic Clever Schools: Nottinghamshire Challenge is an initiative designed to help Nottinghamshire primary schools lead the way in reducing their single-use plastic usage and meeting government plastic targets. It will run from September until November 2021, with a special prize giving ceremony in December to celebrate schools that have done outstanding work to become Plastic Clever!

The Plastic Clever Schools: Nottinghamshire Challenge is for all primary schools in the county of Nottinghamshire! If your school is in this catchment, you should be able to see your school pin on the Progress Map.

The Challenge also applies to district councils in Nottinghamshire! The county with the highest % of schools that have reached Plastic Clever status by the end of the Challenge will receive their own prize. 

Are you a school outside Nottinghamshire that want to become Plastic Clever? You can still work through the levels to become a Plastic Clever school, but won’t be included in the competition aspect of the Nottinghamshire Challenge.

The Plastic Clever Schools initiative has three levels to it: Inspire, Investigate, Act.

At each level of the challenge, you will be sent the relevant section of our Teacher and Student Toolkits that will provide you with all the necessary information, evidence criteria, and activities that you will need for that level. Once you’ve completed each level, you’ll need to upload the required evidence on your school profile, accessible via the progress map.

The Plastic Clever Schools: Nottinghamshire Challenge is officially running from the beginning of September 2021 during the 2022 academic year, Schools can work at whatever pace suits them best within this time limit – just make sure you upload your evidence after each level is completed to unlock the next one!

Every school that achieves Plastic Clever status before the end of November will receive their own prize bundle and invitation to our awards ceremony in December.

However, we also have four extra award categories to celebrate incredible work that schools have done to go above and beyond the required Plastic Clever action. These awards will be presented at the ceremony in December and are: Outstanding Commitment, Creativity, Clean-Up, and Pupil Voice. The winning district council with the highest % of Plastic Clever schools wil also receive an award.

Find out more about the award categories and what they are rewarding here.

Nothing! The Plastic Clever Schools initiative and its resources are completely free to all schools 🙂

uploading evidence:

Evidence is submitted by schools at the end of each level of the challenge – this is then reviewed by a member of our team, who will then send you an email with the details for the next level. The evidence required for each level of the Plastic Clever challenge is outlined in the Teacher Guide and Student Workbook, with a clear tick-list to work through.

The specifics for each Level can be found here: Inspire, Investigate and Act.

NB. You can also submit extra activities that you’ve completed as part of the Plastic Clever Schools challenge – you will be given a bonus point for each extra piece of evidence, which will make you school more likely to win one of the four awards!

Evidence is uploaded via your school’s profile, which is accessible once you have registered and created a login for your school.

Uploading evidence

  • Go to your Profile page by clicking on the My School option at the top right of the page. If you can’t see it, you need to login first.

  • Scroll down until you see the ‘Evidence Uploaded‘ subheading.
  • Click on the ‘Submit New Evidence‘ link.

  • Give your evidence a title, select a category (e.g. Level 1 Part 1), add a photo and/or video and some text to add context.

  •  Tick the checkboxes and then click on Submit.

Your evidence will appear as Pending until the KAP team approve it.

So you don’t exceed the file upload size limit (around 100mb), reduce its file size. If you are not sure how to do this, take a look at this explainer article from Digital Citizen: ‘How to make a video smaller

You can view the evidence for your school on your profile using the ‘My School’ tab, or via the ‘Display’ tab if your evidence is set on public (for more information on this, watch the video in the tab above).

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