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Plastic Clever Schools:  Level 2

We’re so happy you’ve completed Level 1!


Well done, you have completed Level 1!

You are now on Level 2 – Investigate and have a bunch of new resources to help you progress through this level.

You are doing amazingly, so keep up the good work.

Use the pupil workbook, worksheets and factsheets we have created (found below) as much or as little as you want – feel free to inspire your pupils and school community in any way you like, but remember, to complete this level you need to submit a piece of evidence for each of the 3 actions listed below.


To complete Level 2 - Investigate we'd like you to:
  • Complete the Plastic Clever School audit
  • Create your action plan

Then what?

Whenever you have completed an action, we'd like you to upload your evidence, so that's:

    1. A photo (.jpg or .png) of your audit results. This could be a photo of your Plastic Clever wall display.

    2. A photo (.jpg or .png) of the action plan you have put together to remove at least two types of problem plastics from your school.


* If you're stuck with what to send as evidence, take a look at the Display board to see what other schools have done.


Ready to upload evidence?

If you're ready to upload evidence - great! - use the 'Upload Evidence' button below.

Progressing onto Level 3 - ACT

When we have received your submitted evidence for Level 2 - Investigate, we will look at it, verify it and then send you an email saying you have advanced onto Level 3 - Act.

You'll know this has happened because your map icon will change to show you are working on Level 3 - Act, and any evidence you 'ticked' you wanted to share will be visible on the Display page.

Need more help?

Not sure how to upload evidence - no problem at all,  please see our HELP page.

Pupil Workbook

Welcome and Level 2 – InVESTIGATE

Download the pdf and then use it on your screen / IWB to engage your pupils in the Plastic Clever Schools challenge and to guide you through the actions needed for this level.

The supporting resources below can be accessed using links in the workbook, or you can open/download them individually by clicking on the pages.

Need something else?

If there’s a resource you think you could do with, but we haven’t created it yet, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Supporting Resources

Plastic’s impact on wildlife

Some facts about plastic pollution

The 5 Ocean Gyres

The 6 Rs

Plastic Survey

Action Plan template

Plastic Audit Spreadsheet


We’d love to hear from you.

If you have a request for a new resource, have a question you need help with, or you just want to send feedback, please use the form below.

Thank you.

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